Mission Statement

The Rose, Mueller, & Greer Laboratories are proud to offer research experience at the undergraduate level. Our research interests include both biomedical as well as conventional biological topics. Our philosophy is that students should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their character and shine with academic achievement.

Many of our students go on to present their research at university symposia and regional conferences. While working in our lab, students learn how to conduct 21th century scientific research, receive unit hours reflected on their transcript, and experience working in a team setting. At the end of their tenure with our lab, students receive a letter of recommendation that emphasizes their accomplishments and their character.

In general, we do our best to offer opportunities (fellowship, publications, conference presentations, etc.) to our students. The core lesson we try to impart to our students is that they are the engines of their own success. We simply provide the environment for them to prosper [and live long].

Very best,

The Rose, Mueller, & Greer Team

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