~Positions are limited.~

Step 1

Read the Syllabus

*Updated September 2013

Step 2

Submit your Availability

Download this Excel spreadsheet

Submit this spreadsheet via e-mail to report your availability.

Follow instructions in the spreadsheet.

Step 3

Submit Registration Form**

Download a Bio 197 Form (Data Team)

Download a Bio 198 Form


Download Bio 199 Packet A (Experiment Leaders Only)

Bring to Steinhaus 482 to have it signed by the lab manager, Grant Rutledge.

**Current Students: These forms are effective for one academic year. You do not need to submit one every quarter. You only need to submit a new one every Fall quarter.

Step 4


Expect your schedule to be sent to you by the beginning of Week 0.

Step 5

Informative Links

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