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RMG Labs

Learn more about the research we do in the Rose, Mueller, Greer Laboratories through our laboratory portal.

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Experimental Evolution.

Our laboratories employ state-of-the-art methods in experimental evolution to examine various phenotypic and genotypic characteristics in population dynamics. From genomics to insipient speciation, our research addresses a wide variety of questions posed to 21st century biologists.

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We have a highly reputable undergraduate research training program designed to teach basic analytical skills and synergy in group environments. We offer the Bio Sci 198 program to all incoming students as well as Bio Sci 199 to students with experience who wish to go above and beyond.

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Our current graduate students come from a variety of backgrounds with unique skill sets that have prepared them to tackle the most puzzling aspects of contemporary evolutionary biology.

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Network for Experimental Research on Evolution.

The Rose, Mueller, and Greer Laboratories are distinguished members of the Network for Experimental Research on Evolution (NERE), a University of California Multicampus Research Program funded and administered through the UC Office of the President and its constituent UC Campuses.

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